Scamming in the community

I've been scammed on this site, attempting to make my first purchase here. I was a little oblivious to the process, but Paypal is doing right by me so all good. It makes me appreciate this site even more! Thank you wingstall for trying to create a safe & open marketplace! so cool.

Protip: don't buy from anyone who doesn't have payment methods set on their listing & DON'T PAY DIRECTLY.

That said, I'm curious what others have experienced with shady people in/adjacent to our community. I've seen plenty of situations where gear was stolen by a woofo & listed as "skydiving gear" & such. But this particular listing & seller sounded legit until they were ignoring my messages after sending payment.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

In the end this discussion will become a list of reasons to use Wingstall (properly).

Listing created Jul 26, 2021

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Admin J

11 months ago

Thanks for reporting the seller. We notice that their listing has since been removed. Perhaps they did sell the item but didn't let you know. I'm glad PayPal reversed your payment. We definitely recommend using our built-in payment system to avoid these sorts of problems. The money is held in escrow until you receive your item. It is powered by PayPal, so you also have their excellent payment protection too :-)


11 months ago

Yeah, I think this is a *really* good system. I gotta assume bad faith tho & I'd like to know that account & email is banned. He hasn't responded to repeated messages from me or Paypal, or done anything to help return the money.

Admin J

11 months ago

After investigating further, we have banned this user. Thank you for reporting him to our attention. Any feedback from the community is always welcome.

Alvaro G

6 months ago

when a crook's email is banned, He or she just gets another email account. Always use the protected payment method and if EVERYONE is selling a model of same type and year for 1600 and one guy is selling for are about to be scammed. ( I usually ask for a full name and then search Facebook for the person)

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