Information about Wing Stall

How it works
For buyers:
Use the search tool or filters to find your perfect wing. You can message the seller to ask any additional questions. When you click "Buy", you are able to message the seller to discuss the transaction. You are only charged when the order is accepted. If you see the following icons, you'll know the seller has added their payment information correctly.

Buyer protection:
Backed by PayPal, each transaction is covered. If there’s a problem with a transaction, PayPal will put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about receiving misrepresented wings (worn fabric, holes, sand, damaged lines). Learn more about PayPal buyer protection here.

Escrow service:
When you buy something on, the money is not transferred to the seller until you are happy with your purchase. If there is a problem with your order, can act impartially and resolve the issue without the need for a lengthy dispute process. Of course, you are also covered by PayPal or your credit card company (if applicable) should the need arise.

For sellers:
A free account is required to create a listing. Enter the price, currency, shipping options, description, photos and its location. Alternatively, if you're already selling it online somewhere else, you can click "Import" and follow the instructions. You will receive an email if there is activity or if it is sold.


You can add multiple shipping options/prices, for example; France €20, EU €40, USA/CAD €80. Alternatively, you can write "Contact me for a price" and edit the shipping price once you have found a buyer. This is an example of how it could look for the buyer:

Please remember to send the item insured with a signature and to message the buyer with the tracking number. It's also useful to write the buyer's phone number on the parcel to help with delivery.

Seller protection:
In order to qualify for and PayPal's seller protection, you must ensure that you complete the following:
- Honest item description with several high quality photos,
- Keep all communication on,
- Send the item to the address given on the payment page,
- Send the item insured, tracked and with a signature on receipt,
- Provide the buyer with the tracking information once available,
Learn more about PayPal seller protection here.

We charge a flat 5% commission on sales that run through our site (excluding postage costs). There is an additional PayPal fee of between 5% to 7%, depending on various factors. Both fees are paid from the money that is transferred to the seller once a transaction is complete. If you want the buyer to take on this cost, please increase the listing price accordingly (+10% for example).


We strongly recommend using our built-in payment system, powered by PayPal. It is specifically designed to protect both buyer and seller from nasty surprises. Please also perform your own due diligence. For example: ask questions about the seller, their wing and the reason for its sale. Check that the buyer has given you their personal verified address and a phone number for the package. Lastly, consider using a credit card for added payment protection.

Community Guidelines
Our team review all listings and remove any that are suspicious and/or violate our community rules (see below).

1. Respect all other members and do not send spam, offensive, or threatening messages, leave comments, or engage in any other form of offensive communication.

2. Only create listings for equipment you own, are authorized to sell, and is in safe condition to use. 

4. This is a third-party international marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with any and all local laws, regulations and safety measures that are applicable to you.

5. We do not allow contact information on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, phone numbers & social media info.

6. Do not create duplicate listings.

7. For the safety and security of our community, we do not allow contact information to be sent through our messaging service prior to an intended purchase. Sending messages containing your personal information, contact information, or taking transactions off our platform is against our policies and can result in being removed from our community.

Please email if you have any questions or feedback.