Ozone Magnum 2 tandem 41mtr 80hrs

Tandem magnum2 41 80hrs stunning colours and reputation.
(One brake handle popper needs replacing or with velcro/magnet) dose not effect performance.
Comes with ozone concertina bag.
Riser system with "Ear Blockers"New, lighter brake pressureAgile, "solo glider" handlingMost durable design and materials

The Magnum II was more than three years in development, and has been tested thoroughly in all flyable conditions; from high wind launches to tail wind launches, high mountain air to coastal soaring and everything in between. Like the original Magnum, it is strong and versatile enough for any professional tandem pilot, and excels in all conditions. 

What professional pilots will notice first when flying the Magnum II, is an easier launch due to a much lighter sail. Incredibly, without reducing the wing's strength or durability we have reduced the weight by 640g. This has improved not only the inflation and launch, but the in-flight behaviour as well. The next obvious improvement is the reduced brake pressure. Pro pilots will appreciate the easier feel in turns and also a more sensitive and easily accessed flare for soft landings. 

With a slightly increased aspect ratio and 6 more cells, the Magnum II outperforms the original not only in comfort and ease of use, but also in glide performance and climb efficiency. A new line plan has allowed an 18% reduction in line drag, allowing you and your passenger more time in the air, if you want it. And if you don't, the proven "Ear-Blocker" system will get you down quickly and easily. 

What passengers will notice (or not notice, as the case may be) is the smoothest tandem ride that we've ever felt. An increase in overall efficiency has also improved the "smoothness" of the ride, with better behaviour in active conditions. 

We are confident that the new Magnum II will satisfy the world's most demanding pro pilots, and we look forward to hearing your impressions of this exciting new wing. 


The design philosophy of the Magnum II is identical to the original Magnum: The ultimate professional tandem wing. 

The new Magnum is just as easy to launch and land, but offers more than its predecessor: Better handling, lighter brake pressure, a lighter sail, better performance, and a more comfortable ride for your passengers. 


The aspect ratio is slightly increased, from 5.1 to 5.25, and we have added 6 more cells (for a new total of 52). As a result, the glide performance is improved by half a point, but more importantly, the pure sink rate and the climb efficiency has been significantly improved. 

The Magnum II is lighter than the Magnum, by 640g! This is thanks to a new structure, a new leading edge with nylon rod reinforcement, and a significantly optimised sail construction. 

Despite a lighter sail, there has been no sacrifice to the backbone of the structure, and we have done nothing to compromise the longevity of one of the best tandem wings available. The same number of attachment points means equal loads for each section of the wing, and we have even added some extra patches to minimize the deformation in the load bias above the A's. 

Diagonal ribs are joined together without leaving any gaps where loads could stress an inappropriate area of the sail. We have also added a wide strap running along the span around the C region to minimize the sail movement and "breathing", therefore reducing the mechanical aging process. 

Line drag has been reduced by 18% thanks to the new structure and new rigging, in addition to an excellent new line material (Edelrid sheathed Aramid). 

The trimmer range has been extended, to allow for a slower trim speed – this increases comfort and efficiency while flying with heavy passengers. 

The Magnum II comes standard with "Ear-blockers" for simple hands free




Area Proj.


Area Flat


Span Proj.


Span Flat


AR Proj


AR Flat


Root Chord


Glider Weight



In flight weight range




MATERIALS Top Surface Cloth Skytex 40 DeperlantBottom Surface Cloth Dominico 30D MFRib cloth Skytex 40 HardUpper lines Liros DSL70/140Mid lines Liros DSL140 / Edelrid 7343-230Lower Lines Edelrid 7343-420/280 

Brand: Ozone
Certification: B (EN/LTF/DHV1-2)
Weight range:
50 kg / 110 lbs or less
55 kg / 121 lbs
60 kg / 132 lbs
65 kg / 143 lbs
70 kg / 154 lbs
75 kg / 165 lbs
80 kg / 176 lbs
85 kg / 187 lbs
90 kg / 198 lbs
95 kg / 209 lbs
100 kg / 220 lbs
105 kg / 231 lbs
110 kg / 243 lbs
115 kg / 254 lbs
120 kg / 265 lbs
125 kg / 276 lbs
130 kg / 287 lbs
135 kg / 298 lbs
140 kg / 309 lbs
145 kg / 320 lbs
150 kg / 331 lbs or more
Wing only
Harness only
Reserve only
Full kit
Country: United Kingdom
Listing created Nov 8, 2020

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