Information about Wing Stall

About is the safest place to buy and sell your paragliding gear with other members of the flying community. All users are manually vetted and adverts verified before approval.


  • Large network of paraglider pilots.
  • Individual profiles with ratings and reviews.
  • Support for debit and credit card payments.
  • Escrow service for peace of mind.
  • Multiple currencies offered.
  • Import listings (e.g. from Facebook Marketplace).
  • Fast and mobile friendly website, designed for paragliding equipment.
  • Weekly newsletter filled with the best adverts.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google promotion of your advert.

We want to make the best tool on the internet for finding paragliding equipment. If you have any questions or comments on how we could improve our service, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

▶ What are the fees? There are no fees to browse the site, buy something or even post a listing. If you sell something through the site using our built-in payment system (optional), we take a 10% fee. If you would prefer the buyer to pay the fees, you should list your item around 10% more expensive to take this into account. Ours fees help pay for the site management and payment processing costs.

▶ How much is my gear worth? This is a very difficult question to answer as the value of equipment depends on too many factors; age, flight hours, type of flights, SIV, dunes, recent check etc. Therefore the best advice is to sell something for a price you are happy with. If you are not sure that it is correctly priced, you can mention in the advert that you are open to offers.

▶ How can I import a listing from Facebook Marketplace or Paragliding Forum? Click "Post a new listing" and then "Selling" followed by "Click here to import it". Alternatively click here: You'll need to simply paste the website URL address and click import. It takes a few hours and you'll receive a message once it is finished.

▶ I've sold my gear, when do I get paid? Once you have accepted the transaction request, the money is held safely by us until the buyer receives their goods and marks the transaction as completed. If they fail to do this within 7 days, the order is automatically completed and the money will be transferred to you. If a problem is encountered, we will step in and help find a resolution.

▶ How should I send the goods? Of course the gear must be packaged very safely with lots of padding. You must send everything registered and pay for full insurance. It is helpful to also get the buyers phone number and write it on the parcel. Please inform the buyer of the tracking number too, so they can follow the delivery status. If the parcel does not arrive, or is damaged in transit, the seller will be responsible for filing an insurance claim with the postal company.

▶ I want to buy a wing, how should I go about it? It's important to start by messaging the seller with any questions - for example you could ask for a copy of the latest check or a close up photo of the fabric. If shipping is not specified on the advert you will need to ask the seller for a quote. Once you are ready to buy, please use our built-in payment system, powered by Stripe. Click "Buy" and follow the instructions. Your card will only be charged if the seller accepts your order request. They have 3 days to respond, otherwise the order is cancelled and your card will not be charged.

▶ Sellers are ignoring my messages, what can I do? Some messages do end up in spam folders unfortunately. Please contact us ( and we will make direct contact with the seller to find out what's going on. If a seller repeatedly ignores messages we will remove their listing(s) from the site.

▶ Do I have to use your payment system? No. However we strongly advise you to use our payment system. It will improve the chance of a successful sale and help protect you from fraud at the same time. You'll also be able to receive feedback and benefit from building a trustworthy reputation in our community.

▶ How can I get an invite code? Please use our contact form or email If you are already a member you can request a code for a friend to join. Please explain your circumstances in your message. Remember to check your spam/promotions folder for our reply!

▶ Why do you need to verify me before I can join the site? We decided to verify all members to keep the community safe from spammers and scammers. There are many ways to verify yourself including any one of the following: an established social media profile, a professional email address, a pilot license, a referral from a school or established member of the community. We usually only need one form of verification, however we reserve the right to ask for more if necessary.

▶ I have some ideas so make the site better, can I send them to you? Please do! We welcome feedback and are constantly trying to improve the site as best we can. You can use our contact form or email with any suggestions.