WANTED: very small wing or miniwing


I'm 47kg light and I need a new beginner/ low B glider. Since I'm so lightwheight it would probably be a Miniwing, like Spiruline or AirDesign Susi or comparable. Doesn't matter if the glider has certification or not, I have friends who I can ask if the glider you offer would be safe for my skills and wheight :-)

Needs to be cheap, so probably an old glider.

I'm looking forward to your offers!


Land: Portugal
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 7 Dez 2021

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Klaus T

Vor 8 Monaten

Hi Susana, i have a nova ibex 3 xxs on wingstall for sale. It would be perfect for your weight. https://www.nova.eu/en/gliders/previous-gliders/ibex-3/

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